I learned about space switching years ago. I did’t think there was problem until recently …

How about having a prop control, that can drive the hand or the other way round ?

Of course I’m not setting each other as their “space” target. The evil cycle warning still shows because the target is having connections to all the space groups, no matter active or not. My solution is to add an extra loop of SetDrivenKey in space switching codes, setting nodeState of unused space groups to “block“.

// ----------------------------------------------
//   Block unused space groups
// ----------------------------------------------
for ($i=0; $i<`size $space`; $i++) {
     for ($j=0; $j<`size $spaceG`; $j++) {
         string $state = ($i == $j) ? 0 : 2;
         setDrivenKeyframe -cd "ctrl.space" -dv $i -at "nodeState" -v $state $spaceG[$j];
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