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Another Year

Oooops, it’s been a year since the last post.

I’m still working on facial stuff. Just that it’s involving facial scan and capture this time. Actually my Pinterest is updated quite frequently, as my personal reference source.


Time to work again. Happy facial rigging ~

Cloudy Saturday

Oh yes I’m here. It’s been a while not having posts here. Life is like repeating itself when writing various tools for 3ds max. Maxscript has “interesting” design which take me longer to make usable things.

I picked up simple TCL and python for building tools in nuke & nuke studio. TCL is a terrible language to me at the beginning. I wish I was a hard-core programmers then I might get it to work quicker. Inserting and reading custom metadata in DPX is another “old” problem I’m about to tackle finally in the last few weeks.

And it’s embarrassing to tell that I’m learning to use git for my codes recently, before they got messed up too much.¬†seems like a popular choice.

Sound boring. Hopefully got some visual stuff to share later.

Programming again

Picking up python, qt, maxscript, 3dsmax, and shotgun for the new job. The “Tab” for python is quite annoying to me as a beginner. Seeing lot of new stuff but not much to share yet.

Here is a great link about some nice maya rigs available: